Upcoming Races & Goals


2016 Vineman with my awesome Coach Jen Mathe

2020 Plans

While this blog was pretty much dormant for 2019 and I can tell you I got injured and was unable to do the Boston Marathon, AGAIN.

BUT! I am back for 2020!! I have big goals and a short race list. Eyes on the prize this year. Specifically, I want to podium at a full distance Ironman!

  • March – The Desert Triathlon: I have done this race in the past. I am excited to push hard for an Olympic and see what I can do on the bike!
  • July- Ironman Santa Rosa: This is it. My A race for the year.
  • Fall – Marathon maybe…

The list is short but I have a pretty singular focus. Keep it simple!


  1. Great line up and awesome goal setting! High five on a BQ and what’s another 5 more miles for a 50K when you have that kind of distance in the legs? Nice IM choice! I’m thinking you can sub 13 it since you are used to training in elevation.

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