speed training

Trying to run quietly

I have noticed an increase in my speed running over the last 9 months.  I never started running to run fast.  For me it has just been about finishing the race; completing not competing.   I attribute a lot of this speed increase to the bike training I have been doing.  I think the increased leg turnover in cycling has helped make me a faster runner.

But if I really want to get faster (and I do) I have to start doing some structured speed work.  Up until now, the only speed work I have done has been some fartleks while running and some quarter-mile repeats. This morning was my first crack at doing a structured speed workout.  I am training for a half marathon in late August 2011 and a full marathon in October 2011, both of which I have some time goals for.  I am using the FIRST training method which concentrates on doing speed and tempo workouts in addition to long runs.  It also mixes in cross training which works great for me since I am a triathlete.

So how did it go and why do I want to run quietly?  It was hard (that’s what she said)!!! I probably made less than half the intervals at the right pace (except for the rest intervals; there was no pace for them).  This is way out of my normal running routine.  The quiet part has two sides to it.  One, my Garmin beeps at me when I am running too fast (rarely the case) or not running fast enough (usually the case).  I don’t think there was one interval where it didn’t beep at me…a lot! And two, I was breathing so heavy and loud I bet people in their homes could hear me!  I wasn’t wearing headphones so I couldn’t drown myself out. I sounded like it was my first run ever and I was trying to win a marathon!

I know it will get better and it will work…eventually.  But for now I am apologizing in advance to the people of Thousand Oaks California that I will wake up with my heavy breathing and constant beeping.

Click here to see what my workout looked like from the Garmin data.