running volume increase

Touch wood!

weekly running

I made a plea a couple weeks ago about the need for a plan for my next marathon in March.  I got some great feedback from some friends (Thanks Jill and Taryn!) and so far things are going well.   I have suffered in the past from IT band and peroneal issues so I am treading very lightly while ramping up my running.  The one thing that I am doing differently is that I am taking the time after every run to stretch.  I know you are thinking “Duh Becca!” but I have never been good about this part of training.  I want this Ironman next year and I want it bad.  I will only get there if I get serious about my training.  I hope to keep steadily increasing my weekly mileage and staying injury free over the next month.  Then it is time to get my marathon training going.  Wish me luck!