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Off to the local running store

DNA Fitting System

Yesterday I wrote about how my running feels off.  So today I did something proactive about it and went to the local running store.  I have been shopping at a large chain running store for the last couple years because I knew what I wanted and didn’t really need much help.  I haven’t really trusted the help you get at a big chain store when it comes to running shoes, which is why today I went to our local independent running store, Future Track.  I was very happy to walk in and have someone available to help me right away and they did a very thorough analysis of my needs(called their DNA fitting).  They watched me stand, walk, and run on the treadmill barefoot.  Then after discussing what shoes I have run in over the years they brought out a few pairs of shoes and had me run in each of them.  By the end of it I ended up getting two pairs of shoes (I am gonna try rotating shoes during the week).  I got the Asics GT-2000 (stability shoe for longer training runs) and the Adidas adizero tempo 5 (lighter weight stability shoe for track work).

I am happy with my choice to go to a local shop.  I feel the attention and service I got GREATLY surpassed what I experience at the larger chain store.  And I am pretty sure I didn’t pay much more for my shoes (I get 10% off because I do my track workouts with them). I feel like this is the right way to remedy the problem I am having.  I really tried to run in the Newtons but they are not for everyone. Hopefully you will see a post in three weeks saying all my lower leg problems have gone away… cross your fingers!