food sensitivity

Soy beans to blame?

I have been having some tummy issues fort he last couple of weeks and I am still trying to figure out the cause.  Late last week I thought we may have figured it out and the culprit was a parasite (still awaiting test results; samples submitted).  But after further evaluation of when my issues arise, I think it may be due to a soy intolerance.  The worst three “attacks” I have had have all occurred about 90-120 minutes after eating a fair amount of soy (tempeh or tofu in every case).  I have been eating vegan for the last two months so if I can’t eat soy this might get tough.  The plan right now is to make my diet plain and boring and start re-introducing foods back in to see what might be upsetting my stomach.  I have had no soy (except for the filler stuff in food) and I have not had a tummy ache since Sunday night.  Hopefully this is it.