Cadence Baby!

If you are unfamiliar with this term it means how fast you are peddling on your bike.  Last year I was doing a lot of training on a computrainer and the focus there was often on your cadence.  We always pedaled at 90RPMs or faster (unless we were doing a special set). Since I stopped going to computrainer sessions (too pricey and I just don’t have the time) I have struggled to really pay attention to my cadence and as a result, it has been getting slower and slower.  I have signed up for my next ironman distance triathlon (Challenge Penticton, August 2013) and I NEED to have a better bike split than St. George. I truly believe that in order to improve my overall biking I need to start with my cadence.

So my plan (everybody needs a plan) is to hit my bike trainer twice a week and simply PEDAL FASTER!!! I will use The Sufferfest Training videos and keep the resistance low; but really (I mean really really) try to match the cadence of the workouts (which usually range from 90-110 RPMs).  I am also hoping this helps speed up my running as well.  I was running much faster last year when I was attending computrainer classes.  It is time to get my butt in gear!