#IMAZ – How To Track Me

So maybe you have been following my journey as I train for Ironman Arizona and you want to follow the race as well. Well here is how you do it!

  • I rented a GPS tracker so you can see every step of my bike and run. Just go here and look for Ironman Arizona. Find me (Rebecca Neumeier). You can also download an App for this site as well.
  • The IronTrac App will let you see the data coming from my timing chip as I cross the mats. I think it costs $0.99. Make sure you understand that this app depends on the Ironman tracking system. If they are overloaded and having trouble reporting splits, this app will too.  To find me look me up by #1261.
  • Go to and track me there. I can’t post a link to exactly the page because it won’t be up until Sunday. But here you can find me by number #1261. Once I get on the run it now gives you predicted finishing times as well. This is where you can watch the video feeds! The finish line camera is the best.

My time goals right now are:

1:05-1:10 for the swim

6:00-6:30 for the bike

4:15-4:30 for the run

I am hoping to finish between 11:30 and 12:30.

You can also follow my day  thru my Twitter handle @TriBeccaTO or thru Stuart’s @Quadrathon. The same handles apply to Instagram as well.


#IMAZ – 4 sleeps to go


Packing hell…That is what I am in. I hate packing for trips because I have no idea what I want to wear three days from now! I was hoping to work from home tomorrow so I could pack at my leisure but I have to go in so now I have to figure it all out.  #everydaystruggles

You may have read on my blog that I am a Vanderkitten VIP. I was very lucky to be chosen to be a VIP this year. The AMAZING group of ladies really kickstarted my year off right with lots of motivation to kick ass! Once I made it through Vineman I got  super focused on Ironman Arizona and kind of drifted away from the group over the the Ironaman Arizona Facebook group. Tonight one of the kittens reached out and asked me to join them in Temp for a ride. I wish I could have been more involved in the group but my schedule just made it impossible. I can’t wait to see the kittens out there cheering on race day and they really got me started on what has been a fabulous year! They are an amazing professional organization and outstanding group of VIPs!

Now, for the picture above. I am sure I will be a couple of those Dwarves on race day, but I have thought of a couple others. I will also be





and definitely Weepy!

#IMAZ – 5 sleeps to go


I was very lucky to get today off. The days I have doubles (even though it was only 90 minutes of total exercise) are really hard with work and kids. It was a very relaxing day and being able to easily get my two workouts in was excellent. I have started accumulating stuff for the race. I won’t really pack until Thursday when we leave; but I am setting out the things I need and making lists in my head. I took my bike into the shop today for one last checkup. I found a goathead stuck in my tire on Sunday and when I pulled it out I flatted. I ride tubeless so this was a bummer. But after everything it has turned out to be a good thing. I finally got to try a can of fix flat on my tubeless tire! We used the can, spun the wheel, eventually inflated it to full pressure, and watched what happened. It held the tire pressure!!! This makes me feel much better about what would happen if I get a flat on Sunday (which I won’t just to be clear). Even though the fix flat did the trick I bought a new tire and they are replacing it for me right now!

Oh, and I got a super cute new hat!


Week 16 of 17 Ironman Arizona Training Recap – The barn is full!

IMG_4564Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.31.15 PM

That is it! Nothing more to do but keep moving and get to race day. When I first started this I said I would do a weekly video. Well, I didn’t do that well at that so this week the whole re-cap is in the video! Hope you watch it!

I will be posting links for who to follow me on race day so keep an eye on the blog!

Week 15 of 17 Ironman Arizona Training – Sick

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.18.46 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.13.33 PMThis week was knocked of course a little by the fact that I caught a small head cold early in the week. It took all the will power I had to actually take a whole extra day off from training to try and fight the cold. Luckily, since I don’t get sick often, I was able to fight the cold pretty quickly and get back to the schedule. I also had to split up my Thursday double over onto Friday. When I went back and looked at my training over the last two months I actually had only missed one or two open water swims due to bad weather. I am really proud of how well I have stuck to my plan since I recovered from my bike crash week one.

This week was my last week swimming with Tower 26 this year. That experience has been amazing! I have met some of the nicest people in the group and I am 100 times more comfortable swimming in the ocean now. It was one of the best things I have added to my training this year. I may be taking time off Triathlon after this race but I have a feeling I may be swimming with them next summer anyway!

This week ended with a race. Just a half marathon but it was the same race where it all began. I ran my first half marathon in 2006 at the Santa Clarita Half Marathon. I had no idea that it would lead to all of this. It was a great day for a race and I had so much fun! (See my race report) But to summarize, I ran faster than I expected to and it was kind of easy. One of my friends commented on my time and said it looks like I am ready for an Ironman!

Week 14 of 17 – It is NOT all about the bike

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.57.56 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.58.36 AMAbove is how my week shook out. It was technically a Hulk Mode week in that I did every work out on  the right day for the right time! YAY ME! The week was what my Coach called a Race Simulation week. So the volume was a little light during the week and I had big workout on Sunday.

Sunday was a Metric IM Brick. 112km on the bike followed by a 26.2 km run. The goal was to use this to practice race day pace as well as my nutrition plan. My goal was to bike like I have been so far. All my long bike rides have been pretty easy effort wise. I haven’t been looking at HR data at all while riding. I wanted to fuel like I would on race day (eat every 45 min, S-Cap every hour, and drink well). My goal pace for the run was at least a 10:00/mile pace but I would be much happier with 9:30. I picked a loop that was 5.5 miles so I could circle back to my car easily for SAG support. I was super lucky and Stuart was able to run with me for the whole run (even though I am sure it was slow for him and his speedy legs!).

The ride went well and I got off the bike feeling totally fine. I wasn’t tired at all! (Garmin data is here) Looking back at the numbers I was a little disappointed but more about that later. The run went great! I tried not to go out to fast because I do that often. After the first lap and seeing a lot of 9:00-9:15 miles I told Stuart we need to scale back a little on the second loop so we could finish the third loop strong. We were very conscious of the pace each mile and just kept running. I felt great until mile 15 and them I was getting a little tired. Not super tired; just a little bored with the loops and ready to be done. (Garmin data here). I was thrilled with the 9:14 pace! (full disclosure, my autopause was on).

Now I once I saw the bike pace I was bummed. Only 16.6 MPH. I need around 17.5 MPH to get my 6:30 bike. BUT my run was amazing! I have been spending a lot of my time worrying about having this great bike split and the lesson really sunk in yesterday that not killing it on the bike is going to set me up for a really good run! That was exactly what I did during this brick. And I did it over a pretty decent distance. It was the biggest brick I have every done that is for sure!

I am still feeling very confident about race day. My coach even said maybe I can go under 12 hours! I am not going to worry about that number until I get off the bike on race day. If I work too hard on the bike I am sure the run will fall apart. I really want a run I can be proud of. I am sure I will get passed a ton on the bike (I always do) but I have a feeling that I will pick up half of those who passed me on the run!

Pick a Plan and Stick To It!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.55.58 AMSo a minor pet-peeve of mine is when people say they are training for a race but they have no plan or they don’t follow the one they have. I truly believe consistency is key to preparing for an endurance event. Above is my calendar from last month. Thanks to my amazing coach, we have worked out a schedule that works for me and one that I am able to keep to. In my opinion, this is how you train for an endurance event. It isn’t about volume but it is about consistency and making each workout count. There is no fluff in my training. I am actually doing less volume than I expected and my results so far have been amazing! The proof will be in the pudding on November 16th at Ironman Arizona.

Week 13 of 17 Ironman Arizona Training – Dangerously Confident

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 12.04.55 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-20 at 12.03.19 PMLast week I wrote that I feel like I may have a 6:30 bike in my legs no problem. Now I am starting to think I could be getting really close to breaking the 12 hour mark for the day overall! I think there is a need to have a certain amount of confidence going into the race. As my amazingly handsome and totally awesome husband would say “If you believe you can or you can’t, you are right either way”. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment but I also want to try for the best day I could possibly have. This is my last big triathlon for a while; I might as well leave it all out there! This week went great again! Only yellow workout was due to a short swim because MARK SPITZ came to my open water swim to speak to our group. It was amazing to meet such a legend and hear him speak. He was very down to earth and had a great sense of humor! IMG_4365I finished the week with a short brick (this was a light week after last week’s 16+ hours). I broke my rule of keeping things simple and drove to a school to start my brick so I could avoid the hills. I had a great 3 hour ride followed by a very fast 20 minute run. IMG_4378That is not a third nipple in my shirt but I have found that my very modest cleavage works well for holding S-Caps and chap-stick… This week brings a “Monster Brick” on Sunday. It will be a metric IM bike (112 km) and run (26.2 km). I am really excited to do this as a race practice and give my nutrition strategy a test. LESS THAN 4 WEEKS. OMG!!!!!!!

Week 12 of 17 Ironman Arizona Training – 6:30 bike maybe???

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.49.32 AM


Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.57.30 AM


That was my week… It was the biggest so far and quite possibly it will be the biggest week in this training plan. I did have to skip a 30 minute recovery run on Wednesday (I was having a rough day and just needed a break), but otherwise I nailed the rest of it.

I did two of my longest effort so far and I was so happy with each one.  On Saturday I ran for 2:30 and managed to hold a 9:30 pace YAY!!!!! I did exactly what I wanted to do and it gave me a lot of confidence! Then on Sunday I rode for 6 hours and managed to get 100 miles in. Cycling is my weakest discipline by far. When I did Ironman St. George in 2012 I spent over 8:30 on the bike! It was terrible! I have been hoping that this time around I would be able to get the bike done in 7:00; but my ultimate goal has been 6:30… Now, I think I may be able to do that! This feels a little bit like when I was training for the Portland Marathon in hopes of Qualifying for Boston. The closer I got to the race, the more confidence I had that I would be able to do it. Originally my goal time for Arizona was between 13-14 hours. After that bike ride I feel like I am knocking at the door of a 12 hour finish!

Swim 1:05

Bike 6:30

Run 4:30

Transitions :15

Total 12:20

This is exactly the confidence boost I need right now. The race is so close and it is all I can think of. I feel so bad for my family. I can’t focus on anything else. All I think of is the race! I am so lucky to have Stuart for support. Once again he is doing everything he can to make it so I don’t have to think about anything but the race. I couldn’t do this without him.

Not everybody is comfortable with putting down their goal times. “I just want to finish” is what you hear a lot. I find that when you put it out there, you have a better chance of making it happen. So I am putting it out there.


Week 11 of 17 Ironman Arizona Training – Tick

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.24.21 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.05.48 PM

Another week of training done! I goofed early in the week and didn’t read my plan correctly so I had to switch Tuesday and Thursday so technically I didn’t go Hulk Mode but I did do all the training on my plan!

The biggest concern this week was the heat wave we were having. That meant getting out as early as possible which isn’t always that early. Sunday I couldn’t get out until after 9:00 AM for my long ride (5:30) and I knew it was going to heat up. The tide started out fine and once I got closer to the coast (besides the wind) the temperature was perfect! I could even see some fog and cloud cover at the coast. I was riding back from my first trip to the fruit stand when I got a puncture. I ride tubeless tires and had nothing with me to fix it (yes, I know that is stupid). Amazingly the stuff they put in the tubeless tire did it’s job and it sealed itself! I decided to ride back home (and back to the heat) just in case I fully flatted. The tire made it a good 32 miles all the way home. I switched out my wheel and finished up on the trainer and then on the treadmill. It wasn’t what I was hoping for but it was all I could manage.

Overall I am feeling good and handling the training well. I am not as fast as I wish I was but I am handling the volume. Only one more really long ride coming up this weekend. The race is so close!! Right now I just need to keep my head down and finish strong (something I need to work on in the pool as well 🙂 )