I (almost) Quit

It has been a really tough month (or 9).

The injury has been harder to deal with than I ever expected. Pretty much every goal or race this year has been abandoned. I did get to do a Olympic Tri Relay with my husband and kid (we took second!) so that was awesome.


And my running volume is getting back up there (slowly).

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 3.55.55 PM

Yesterday I felt a twinge in my other calf. Being a parent is a million times harder than I ever expected. Work could be so much more satisfying. The world is a scary icky place right now. Yesterday, I was ready to quit all of it. Curl up on a ball and hide from the world. In my social media world I really try to show all the good in my life. And trust me, there is a ton of good. But right now I want to own up to the fact that quitting sounded amazing yesterday.

Thank goodness for a good night of sleep. Today I don’t want to quit. Today I want to make it all work. Today I am re-prioritizing my world. I will achieve my goals. The only change is the priorities of those goals. It was all about Kona and Boston. I am realizing that I need to work out my career situation first, and then those other goals will have to come a bit later.  I am at peace with this decision. I can work with this. I can make this happen.

Next week I am off to Kona to soak the whole experience in! I promise to share all the amazing things that happen out there.  Thanks for following along!



  1. Huge congrats to the family! I am currently in the “I want to quit” phase right now…work is awful and sucking all of my happiness and energy dry. I too need to work on my career situation and find something that makes me happier throughout the day. Hugs! Have a blast in Kona! I can’t wait to stalk you while you are there and live vicariously through you!

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