Switching it up in the pool


New suit is the Island Vibe Bikini from Coeur Sports. LOVE IT!!

The only place I can do any reasonable working out is the pool right now. Hopefully I will start running again in about 2 more weeks. The bike is a bit boring for me because outside is a bit too hard on my calf and I am not doing anything structured on the trainer. July I start back with my coach to at least make some boxes green in Training Peaks! so for now, I have been adding some intensity back into my swim workouts and I wanted to share the easy swim sets I use!

First one is Negative Split. This is where you swim the second half of an interval faster that the first. Great way to add in some speed! The set below was a negative split pyramid, 100 200 300 400 300 200 100. See the Garmin Data here.


The next technique I got from my friend MUN, EBEH. That stands for Easy Build Easy Hard. That pretty much explains how you swim the interval. Cool thing with this is you can apply it to a variety of distances. The workout below was a pyramid (I love pyramids) of 100 200 300 00 300 200 100. You can see the Garmin data here.


Then today I did my other trick to work in some intensity, descending. Swimming each interval faster that the one before. Today I wanted more yards so I  actually didn’t use my ever faithful pyramid. I used a ladder instead. The workout was 3 X 400, 3 X 300, 3 X 200, 3 X 100, descending by three. You can see the Garmin data here.


These are great tricks to use in the pool to challenge yourself a bit! Just keep swimming!

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