It isn’t always rainbows and unicorns


I am usually very good about having a positive outlook on things. I am always the glass is half full, not empty, kind of person. Well not at the moment. Yes, I know there are way worse things that could be happening in my life and I really do have a lot of good things going on. But to be blunt, I am really pissed I won’t be running Boston. I worked really hard for it…TWICE! And once again I will not be running. I think it is hitting me the hardest right now because I am honestly not sure how my calf injury is recovering. I have not run for over 3 weeks because I am hoping rest is the cure. I could be doing all kinds of PT treatments but honestly I can’t afford it and I am tired of the pressure from more people to get better. But I can still “feel” something is wrong in my calf. I feel like this year is going to end up being a bust and Wisconsin isn’t going to go well.

I gave myself the goal of qualifying for Kona by 45 but I am starting to doubt I can make that happen.

Pitty-party over.


  1. it’s okay to give the unicorn a day off & be pissed. You’re human, and yes, you work your ass off. I’m always impressed with your dedication to be amazing. You’re amazing, I could repeat that for days.

  2. Give the unicorn a break and have a pitty-party! Don’t count Wisco out yet. You are one of the hardest working, most inspiring people I know! I want to share a moment with you that I had with my coach on March 19. She asked me, “Who is a role model who has or can further inspire or cultivate your vision? This can be a famous person or a friend.”

    I responded with the following, “I’ve struggled with this one today. I think I struggled because who I would pick (Chrissie Wellington) is no longer racing. She always inspired me because she started at ground zero with her training and equipment and made it to the top.

    Since Chrissie is no longer racing, my vision role model is Becca Neumeier. She is also an age group athlete trying to qualify for Kona and working hard to achieve her dreams. She inspires me to keep pushing for my dreams every day.”

    I think one of your biggest strengths is what the Finish call “Sisu.” The word does not have a direct translation, but generally means “extraordinary endurance in the face of adversity; persistence, determination, guts; full of courage, willpower and an indomitable spirit.” You, my friend, are this definition!

    So have your pitty-party and then let your resilience soar as you bounce back even stronger than you were before! xoxo

  3. I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine how frustrating that must be. Go ahead and throw yourself a pity party – this is definitely a reason to be sad and upset. That said, I’m also totally confident that you’ll get healthy again and you’ll be as strong as you ever were. *hugs*

  4. I have a calf injury too and haven’t run in two weeks. In less than 3 I am supposed to be in Soria, Spain for the European Duathlon Championships – so I feel your paiin (as it were)

  5. So sorry about your injury and that you aren’t able to race at Boston. I see from the comments above that I am not the only person you inspire (didn’t think I would be!). I agree with all the comments above…it’s ok to be a little bummed out – and that you will come back stronger than ever. I’m sure that you will have lots of enjoyment from your trip…have fun and best wishes in your recovery and races ahead!

  6. I’ve got some kind of something in my left calf-achilles-flute too. And I can’t imagine how disappointed you must have felt when Boston wasn’t a possibility anymore! I’m annoyed that I can’t just train as normal. Let yourself have the ups & downs of disappointment because maybe surrendering will make recovery go faster?

  7. Your pity party is well-deserved. This is my first visit to your blog. I follow you on IG and just found the link. I know how hard it is to get that BQ and to do it, then not be able to enjoy the well deserved prize is just awful. May you heal quickly and enjoy 2019. I ran Boston in 2011 and it was everything I dreamed of. After 17 marathons over 9 years, I finally did it in Portland. Keep at it; it’s so worth the effort. ❤

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