Adding Data Fields From Garmin Connect IQ

If you didn’t know it already, Garmin has a market place of sorts where you can find cool things to add to your Garmin device. It is called Connect IQ. I had a comment on another post yesterday asking about how you add a data field from Connect IQ to your device. So here you go!

  1. In the Garmin Connect Mobile app on your smart phone find the Connect IQ Store selection in the more menu.


2. Search the store for the field you may like. There are many options for searching. Make sure you are searching for a field that is compatible with your device.


3 & 4. Select the data field you want and download it. You should get a notification after it is downloaded that it will be available on your device after you sync the watch.


5. Sync your device.

6. Navigate to the Activity Settings for the desired activity (I am doing running).

7. Use the arrows to select the Data Screens.

8. For this example we need the layout set to one field for this screen.

9. Click down one time to choose the field. The trick here is that the fields are listed with like fields (HR, Pace, Power, etc…). You should find a selection for Connect IQ.


10. Select the correct field and then get out of the settings by using the back button.

11. Navigate through the screens while in the activity and you should see the new field!



There are some really cool things available in Connect IQ. My favorite thing is choosing a new watch face!

If you have any other questions or functionality you need help with please let me know!


  1. Thanks very much. I will give it a try tomorrow. Are you really taking orders? I also need to know how to adjust heart rate fields online. (with my 230 USB cabled to my desktop)

  2. Hi I successfully downloaded a compass from connect IQ but cannot see it on my watch (Forerunner 735xt). I synced my watch and app after I had downloaded it and my watch gave me a transfer complete message. It’s in there somewhere I just don’t know how to select it. Are you able to help?

    1. I would expect that you would find the new field you downloaded in the Connect IQ menu option (picture #9). Did you follow my instructions to add the field to a screen? If you don’t see it try re-starting your watch maybe? Let me know if that helps!!

      1. I’ve already looked it up: there is a general limit of two CIQ data field per sports mode for all watches – except the 735XT, which supports three!

  3. Hi! I have a question. I’m training a newbie running C25K that I downloaded from the IQ store. It took some doing, but I have it in the data field, and when I run with my newbie, it has been great. The issue is when I run on my own. I select run, toggle past the C25K screen, and go to my regular data fields. I go for my run and all is fine, except that it counts the run towards my C25K, bumping the workout ahead of where I am with my newbie runner. How can I go back to repeat workouts that were missed, and how do I not have the data jump ahead when I run on my own? Ideas? Thanks so much!

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