Biggest Week Ever! A lesson in recovery

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.03.43 PM.png

I made the mistake of looking at my 2016 totals with 6 days left in the year. I was 275 miles from 5,000 total miles for the year and a plan was quickly hatched. I had a long ride planned on Saturday so I only needed to do 200 miles in 4 days… 50 miles a day. My kids were at their dad’s for the week which gave the time to do doubles so I wasn’t on my trainer for 3 hours straight a day.

There were a few things that I focused on to get this done. Fueling properly while riding, wearing the comfortable kit so I could keep getting back on the bike, fueling properly after the ride, and making sure to do some physical recovery activities.

For fueling during the ride I relied heavily on Carborocket Half Evil. I like this product because it has everything you need in it; calories, electrolytes, and aminos. Now, I did add a half coop of Base Aminos to my bottles because I was putting in a MUCH higher volume of training than usual. I used the Dark Cherry Half Evil with some watermelon Base Amino (when really cold this tastes like a Cherry Icee!).

For comfy kit I wore Coeur Sports Tri shorts. There is nothing better out there and the fact that all is good “down there” after 18 hours of riding my bike in one week speaks for itself. If you haven’t tried these shorts, you need to do so now! Game changer!

Fueling properly after the ride usually consisted of a recovery shake or at lest some healthy calories very soon after riding. I was very diligent about this. I made sure to always eat something very soon after my ride. For the recovery shake I used Skratch Vanilla mixed with coconut milk until I ran out! So yummy! I will admit that after the long ride on Saturday (which was in the cold rain for the last two hours) we had fries and hot chocolate. It was the quickest thing we could get.

Now the last part I focused on was physical recovery. I did this by making sure I stretched,  foam rolled, and used my recovery boots. Stuart and I got ourselves an early Christmas present at Ironman Arizona, a set of boots from Rapid Reboot. I can’t say enough good things about them. I used them after every single ride this week! My favorite part the day! They are not the cheapest pair on the market but they are far from the most expensive. I can tell you that they work and I think they are going to help me immensely as I train for Ironman Wisconsin this year.

And with that, I made my goal! Onto 2017!

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.21.55 PM.png


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