100 100s


When I started swimming as an adult I saw a couple of Masters group do this crazy swim on New Years day of 100 X 100 for 10,000 total yards. I was never at the right level of fitness to do the 100s so I tried it once but only did 75s. This year I thought why not give it a try! The idea was floated in my Coeur Ambassador team so a bunch of decided to do it around the holidays, whenever it was convenient for you. I chose Christmas Eve.

I only had a three hour window to get the 10,000 yards done which meant I had to swim a 1:48/100 yard pace. Not impossible for me, but I wasn’t totally sure how fast I would be swimming as the yards added up. My plan had been to cycle through 200s/500s/1,000s in 1,000 yard sets. 100s were just too short and I didn’t want to waste much time on the wall.

I brought two bottles of CarboRocket Half Evil (one Dark Cherry and one Lemonade) because I needed an easy way to get in calories. This stuff has everything you need and it tastes yummy!!! I also used a Foggie to wipe down my goggles before I started swimming. That was the best decision I could have made! My goggles never fogged up and were crystal clear the whole swim! I didn’t adjust them once!

I started swimming and very quickly realized this was going to be really close. I barely had anytime between sets. I started to slow down after only 3,000 yards but I just kept at it. The only discomfort I had during the swim was my ankles got tired so I did a couple of sets with a pull buoy and paddles. I also used my Roka Sim Shorts to give me a bit of a rest. Other than that, mentally chunking the swim into 1,000 yard sets helped me tremendously! It also helped that I had no time to sit at the wall. Stuart showed up for the last 30 minutes and snapped a few pictures. It was super fun to pick a challenge that I had never done before and go for it! I need to challenge myself this year. I have really big goals and that is the only way I can achieve them!


I had my own cheerleader!



The details from the swim




I can still raise my arms!!

You can find the Garmin data for the swim  here. Also, if you like the swim suit, it is part of the 2017 line at Coeur Sports. I think a 10,000 swim is a pretty good indicator of what a great suit it is! Goggles are the R1 by Roka, 3 hours straight in them!

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