SoCal Santa Cross 2016 Race Report


I may be using the term “Race” a bit strongly here as this was my first time actually trying Cyclo Cross, but I did participate in a race so we will go with that for now. Stuart has been doing cross all fall/winter and now that my A race has passed I finally was open to trying. I picked up a used bike online that is better than my other bikes for this type of riding, a Surly Straggler. It really isn’t an ideal cross bike because it is steel and heavy but it can handle the course so that was all I needed!

I have watched Stuart ride a couple of these races and so far they courses have all overwhelmed me! But I signed up for the beginner lap anyway and thought I should at least try that. I was so pleased to see what a generally easy course it was! There was nothing too terribly hard or technical and the course was really wide. It is always my concern that I will be in the way of those who are really racing.

I had so much fun on my beginner lap I signed up for the Womens C race. I got lapped by the leaders but I had so much fun!!! I am so glad I gave it a try. I will just list a few lesson learned and then give you a bunch of pictures. Here is the Garmin Data if you want to see it.

  • Just try it! You may be surprised at how much you like it. I was!
  • Practice! There was one obstacle that I had trouble with. So between races I would go over to that obstacle and just keep trying it! I also practiced getting off my bike and getting back on.
  • Have fun! You really can’t help but do this; the atmosphere is so relaxed! Do the silly stuff if you can.
  • Everybody was a beginner once and the other racers know that. Everyone who passed/lapped me was very polite. You have to start somewhere.
  • Just keep pedaling!!!!

    Thanks to Stuart for all the great pictures! The ones without the glasses are the beginner lap; with the glasses was the race.


  1. I’m glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something fun and new! I love Cyclocross, but didn’t get the opportunity this fall to participate. I’m not fast and often feel in the way of those trying to take the podium, but I get out there and enjoy myself! Cheers to trying new things! 😉

  2. Your concern about being in the way of other riders is how I feel on the technical off-road trails on my Surly fat-bike. It gives me anxiety! But most riders are very kind and are happy to see others participating.
    How cool that you did this! I know it’s something I’d love, but it’s another bike to have to buy. Argh. When will they make bikes grow on trees?

    1. That is what kept me from doing mountain bike races. The trails were so narrow and I was so scared. This is so much better and it is a total blast!!! Borrow a bike and see if you like it. Super fun way to spend the fall!

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