Week 14 of 16 Ironman Arizona Training – Course PR!!

As you can see from below the taper has begun! I love the way my coach tapers me in that I still workout pretty much as many days as before, it is just a decrease in volume.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 8.57.32 AM.png

The highlight of the week was the Santa Clarita Marathon. This Half Marathon was my first ever race when I started running 10 years ago. It was the race that lit the fire that has been burning bright for 10 years now! I was very fortunate to be chosen as an Ambassador for the race.

My goal for the race had been to run a 1:45. I knew it would be a bit of a challenge but I always believe in a little race day magic! I started the morning with my fellow ambassadors and then went out to line up. I met my friend Taryn Spates and we waited for the start together. Taryn wrote a book, 35 by 35, which I can’t wait to start reading. We have done many races together over the years and she is amazingly positive person. Every race I start with her will be a good one!

I ran with the 1:45 pace group just to see how that went. The first mile was really tough because it is crowded and uphill. But once we strung out a bit the run was amazing! I felt great the entire time. I enjoyed chatting with all the people in our group. Everybody had a different story and running past. I had so much fun. By about mile 11 it was time to push a bit more so I started trying to chase down any women in front of me. I reeled in about 3 more women before the dreaded last mile. It is an uphill mile over a few bridges. It stings a lot! I didn’t catch any more women after that and didn’t let ANYBODY else pass me. 1:42 and change!!! (Garmin details here) Not a distance PR, but a course PR for sure. Best part, second place out of 102 women in my age group!!! I was in control of the whole race and considering this pace is a full minute faster that I want to run in Arizona I am feeling more and more confident for IMAZ in two weeks.

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