Week 13 of 16 Ironman Arizona Training -I am ready!

That is it! I have done the hard work and now just to let it all soak in and steep so that on race day I can let it all out!

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 4.14.21 PM.png

Um, I ran 36 miles this week, and at an average pace that is my goal marathon pace! O. M. G!!!

And here is how  the month measured up as well!

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 4.14.48 PM.png

I am so proud of how I have trained for this race. I can honestly say I did my best to do every workout Coach Jen gave me. There were days and workouts I may have tried to make excuses for but I never got far with that; there just weren’t any excuses that were valid! I have found that I just love the challenge that Ironman training brings and I love meeting that challenge every single week! You don’t here this often from Triathletes, but I am ready!

Highlight of the week was doing the Death Valley Century. I had never been to Death Valley and I was totally blown away with it. The ride was a bit more challenging that I was expecting mostly because the first 25 miles was essentially into a headwind. But after that it got a bit easier and we were rewarded with some amazing views for our hard work. Pictures don’t do it justice but here are a few from the trip. Click here for the Garmin data.


Mile 28. Notice the sideways braids.


Of course I had to run off the bike, thanks Coach!


Back out to Badwater for a pic before we drive home


My best friend and partner in everything!


This little lady was holding up traffic!


Sunset on the drive home

I ended the week with a 3 hour, 20 mile run on Sunday. For once, we had rain. It was a fabulous!


Soaked to the skin but happy to be done!


Must braid hair next time

I have a the Santa Clarita Half Marathon next weekend. I will be shooting for sub 1:50 (I really want 1:45). But other than that I will just be letting the work soak in so I can have the Ironman race I know  I am capable of!



  1. So much fun! Was the Death Valley ride hot? Living in Iowa, experience a lot of headwind (and crosswind, and tailwind…depending on the direction we travel), so I have lots of experience in those riding conditions 😉 You had another amazing week! Your barn is full and I’m excited to watch you strike the match and let it burn!

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