Week 12 of 16 Ironman Arizona Training – Inspired

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 9.30.04 AM.png

Wow! That may have not been my biggest week in miles but it quite possibly was in time! I am in the final push for Arizona and loving (almost) every minute of it!

I am still dialing everything in and figuring out race day plans. This week I found my racing kit!!! Coeur Sports released their one-piece speed suit! It is amazing!!! It has the same seam-free chamois that the tri shorts do so it is super comfy. I have really fallen in love with the sleeved tops as well. It keep the sun off your shoulder which I honestly thinks makes a huge difference. I know you might be thinking that how could you race in a suit for such a long race? What about bathroom breaks? The last two Ironman I have done I have only needed one potty break and that is in T2. This kit zips down far enough that getting it off and back on is not a problem. Even when it is sweaty! For me, the added comfort the kit gives me over traditional two piece triathlon kit is totally worth it! It is completely dreamy! I did a 5 hour ride in it this weekend followed up with a 1 hour run. No issues! None! There is one small thing to note about the kit. In order for it to be so aero the pocket are a little tight on the back. They might be a little tough to access on the bike. Not an issue for me because I can carry all my bike nutrition in my bento box.



After my 6 hour brick on Saturday I had a 2.5 hour run on my schedule. Happy to report that I had no trouble doing the run in essentially my goal race pace! I know what I can do and I just need to do it on race day!


Lastly, I have been finding a lot of things to help keep me inspired to work towards this crazy dream of one day qualifying for Kona. The picture below is a huge inspiration to me. Those ladies work their butts off and are gracious and beautiful inside and out! The Coeur team has inspired me beyond words. This picture is a huge inspiration to me. One day I will be in this picture! One day I will be racing with these ladies on that island! This picture helps light my fire!


The 2016 Ironman World Championship Couer team, photo by Jay Prasuhn


  1. You are ROCKIN’ your training and I can’t wait to see you crush IMAZ!!

    I’m in love with the design of the one piece, but definitely tend to use the kybo multiple times…typically on the run. My luck…I’d end up with the sleeves and top in the kybo getting it covered in all kinds of nastiness!

    This photo has also been motivating for me! I so want to be in this picture one day!

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