Surfacing by Siri Lindley – Book Review

IMG_2584.JPGMy Husband Stuart has a relationship with VeloPress so when he saw that Siri Lindley had a book out with them he made a call and got me a copy!

Last summer I met Sir Lindley at Ironman Boulder when she spoke at the welcome party. The most I knew about Siri before I met her was she is an amazing couch to some pretty incredible triathletes! I had been following her on social media and was impressed by her voice and outlook on triathlon training. I was a total fan girl after she spoke and waited to say hello and thank you and all the things you say to someone who is a positive presence in your world.


Siri Lindley is amazing!!!

Surfacing, her book is a biography of how she got to where she is today. I love reading and learning about people’s journeys and pasts. This book was an excellent look into the things in Siri’s life that shaped her to be the person she is today. She did not hold back anything! I did not know any of the back story into her life before I read this and there were a lot of things that surprised me!

What touched me most about the book was it was totally written in Siri’s voice. I know she wrote it so of course it should sound like her. But that doesn’t always happen when people write their autobiographies. I found her book to be genuine and honest and inspiring! It is not a long book and it moves at such a good pace that you will have trouble putting it down! I never read books anymore and I read this one in a week (that is pretty quick for me since I am usually asleep by 9:00 PM). The book is well written, interesting, and inspiring! Absolutely worth the read!

No if only I could find away to move to Boulder and train with her!

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