Week 11 of 16 Ironman Arizona Training – Testing Race Pace

It was a bit of a step-back week to get some recovery after a couple of big/intense weeks of training.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 8.41.22 AM.png

Most notable thing for the week was my Saturday brick. I did 2:30 (almost 3 hours) on the bike with some sizable efforts followed by a 30 min run at race pace. This felt really good to me and actually felt very much like what my race effort will be. Well, the run was a bit faster than it should have been but it felt good and I wanted to push myself. After this workout I felt really excited that I may have an 11 hour Ironman in my body! I am all for getting hard goals and stating them out loud!

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 8.41.56 AM.png

I am super excited to be in the home stretch for training. I feel like I have almost all the aspects dialed in. I am most excited that I really have my nutrition figured out. For the bike I will eat Salty Balls and drink CarboRocket, 333 – Half Evil All-in-One drink is working excellent for me! It has a bunch of calories and aminos. I am digging the black cherry and orange flavors. For people that have trouble eating solid food on the bike, but still need calories, check this product out. I figure this, plus a banana or two, will get me through the bike quite nicely!

My coach was nice enough to sketch out the last 5 weekends of training for me so I can plan our weekends. The end is in sight!!

One comment

  1. Wahoo!! Not only is the end in sight, but you are ROCKING your training!! I can’t wait to see how this translates for you on race day!! 🙂

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