2016 Dwight Crum Pier to Pier Race Report


I did this race once before in 2012. The timing worked out to do it this year and I am so glad I did. The real race here is in the non-wetsuit division so I think I will do that one next year. But since I am training for a wetsuit swim at Arizona so I need to practice in a wetsuit!

I had hopes of swimming the race in under an hour. But I forgot about one small issue, the current! I got out pretty quickly and had no issue with the waves. I tend to swim wide to avoid congestion. I do better with clean water and less people. I truly think I swim faster that way even if it might add a couple of yards.

I also lucked out this year because a paddle border ended up paddling next to me for almost the entire race. Every time I took a breath to my left he was there! The swim felt great the whole time. It feel like it takes forever to get to the Manhattan Pier. The last 1/4 of the swim it got really choppy. I am so glad I didn’t look at my watch during the swim because I would have been very disappointed. There was a fairly strong negative current and I ended up averaging 1:53/100 yrds. That is almost 20 seconds slower that I usually swim!


I got to the finish and ran as fast as I could though the finish line. When I looked at my watch I was bummed, 1:07. (Garmin data is here) But once I talked to my friends I heard it was slow for everybody and I felt a bit better about my swim. I waited for the results and saw I got 4th…I hate 4th!! But after seeing I was 5th woman overall (for the wetsuits) I changed my tune a bit! I missed 3rd by 20 seconds. In open water swimming you can’t easily see your competition so I really don’t think there was much I could have done to get that 20 seconds.

I also went back and checked out my data in Strava. Cool thing about Strava is it shows you the data for the other people who swam at the same time. Of the 14 others who logged it in Strava, only 4 people swam a better line than me (as in they swam less yards). At least I know I didn’t over swim it!

A couple of thanks for this one! SBR Sports has been taking care of me for almost three years now! I am so thankful for the support pf their amazing products! Like I tell my friends, My hair isn’t green, my swim suits last forever and I don;t stink like chlorine! And I never chafe in my wetsuit!

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