FTP Progress

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 6.39.15 AM.png

This week has been a light week of training mixed with re-testing my fitness levels in all three areas.  Monday’s CSS swim test didn’t show much improvement, still 1:38/100 yards, but that is not my problem area in triathlon.

Today I did my FTP test on the bike. I use TrainerRoad to perform my test because it does all the math for me and my coach uses TrainerRoad with me! I was not totally thrilled with my bike performance in Oceanside. I think my issue is mostly related to not riding aggressively enough both against myself and others. I was excited to see if I had made any improvement to my FTP since I last tested in February.

The goal is NOT to go out to hard and fade as well as NOT go out too easy and have energy left at the end. Two good metrics for me to monitor when I do this are my HR and overall feeling. Despite my HR being crazy high most of the 20 minute effort I felt good and strong and left it all out there.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.31.32 PM.png

You can see from the data above that I once I was fully engaged after quarter 1 of the test I didn’t fade at all! This resulted in my FTP increasing by 5 watts from 165-170 and surprisingly my LTHR increasing from 155 to 178 (not sure what is going on here).

Result, I am happy to see progress. I have been starting to doubt my Kona aspirations a bit lately and I really needed to see some improvement on the bike.

Up next, run testing on Sunday!


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