Say It Out Loud



I am not totally sure the logic holds true but it is one more thing that is motivating me to give it a try. I am running a marathon on May 29. I signed up because I just wanted to run a stand alone marathon. It has been almost 5 years since I last ran one. I wasn’t thinking BQ when I signed up. At Oceanside I ran a 1:52 half. That is knocking on the door of a BQ time. I have found a running partner who is willing to help train with me and as always Stuart is on board. My BQ time is 3:45. I would like to run 3:42 just to ease my chances of getting in. The pace is 8:28/mile. I was keeping this to myself in case it doesn’t happen. But sometimes, saying it out loud will give you those last couple seconds you need per mile to get it done.


  1. You are TOTALLY capable!! I’ve thought a lot about running Boston again as well…maybe I need to look for a marathon to do. Hmmm…

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