Garmin Forerunner – Setting up data screens

With awesome features comes slightly difficult set up sometimes. You would think that setting up your data screens for your Garmin Forerunner would be easy, but it can be a challenge. I will give you instructions on setting a data screen for a Forerunner 230 (my current running watch). This may not match your watch exactly but it might get you close enough to figure it out!


  1. Select the Menu for the Activity you are setting up your screens for.
  2. Use the runner button to select and the lap arrow button to go back. Choose Activity  Settings.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to choose the Data Screens items.
  4. Select which screen you would like to modify. (the number of screens you can modify will be based on which watch you have)IMG_8984.JPG
  5. Select the Layout (how may fields you display).
  6. Use the up and down arrows on the left to toggle between the choices. You will see the layout change. Use the runner button to select the layout you want.
  7. Next select Field 1 to choose what data it will display
  8. The field types are in categories; Distance, Pace, Speed, Heart Rate, Cadence, Temperature, Elevation, and other. Choose the filed you want.IMG_8987.JPG
  9. Repeat for the next field.
  10. Select the type of field.
  11. Select the field you want.
  12. SUCCESS!


  1. its funny, i used youtube to help me set up things like workouts on my fenix 2 and now fenix3 and also blogs like yours! thanks for posting even thou i do not have this FR

  2. Very superior, very excellent tutorial! Still, I need help. I have downloaded and installed a data field app called RunZone BPM. I cannot figure out how to get RunZone BPM up and running on my Forerunner 230. Could you please add some more screenshots to this tutorial?

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