2016 Plans – Full of #HeartandCourage

After Ironman Boulder in August, I immediately made some plans for the rest of this year and a rough sketch of next year. Breaking my collarbone has forced me to drop a race or two and re-prioritize my races. I don’t think I can start a full training load until January. So here is the plan for next year:

  • February,  The Tour of SufferlandriaThis is a week of indoor bike riding with close to 2,500 other all over the world. Lot so of fun to collectively suffer! This will be a great way to get my bike legs started again.
  • April,  Oceanside 70.3 – This was going to be an “A” race for me but I really don’t think I will be ready to put it all out there by then. I am committed to fully recovering so that I can have a good year. This will just be a solid race where I want to have a good time.
  • July, Vineman 70.3 – I expect to be 100% by this race so it would be great to go sub 6 hours and hopefully closer to my PR there of 5:32.
  • October, Arizona 70.3 – I signed up for both races in Arizona so this will be a good lead up to my only full this year which is….
  • November, Ironman Arizona – I had such a great race here in 2014! I can’t wait to take another crack at it!

Not on the list anymore is Ironman Boulder. I just don’t think I will be ready to have a great race by August. That, coupled with the fact that it costs mush more money and time to go to Boulder, means it will be out for 2016. I fully plan to go back another year. It is an AWESOME race. I know I can go faster on that course!

The best news is that I am a Coeur Sports Ambassador for 2016 again!

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.13.31 PM

I feel so lucky and honored to be a part of this group. Besides the fact that Coeur is an amazing sponsor, they make me feel so awesome, and make the BEST endurance clothing around, the ladies on this team are incredible! They inspire me that my goal of getting to Kona one day truly is possible.


  1. great schedule, love the Tour of Sufferlandria! I want to try out the 3 new videos but I do not want the trainer time yet… Congrats on being selected for the ambassador! keep up the great work

  2. Here’s to an amazing 2016 full of #heartandcourage 🙂 I’ve heard amazing things about the Tour of Sufferlandria, but have never tried it…hmmm…may have to look into this a bit more!

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