The Price We Pay For Triathlon

moneyI got a spot in the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon for 2016! It is a bucket list kind of race for me. I knew it would be an expensive race but when I saw the price at $750 I almost spat out my coffee. Really? $750 for a race roughly the same distance as an Olympic Triathlon?!?!

I have not decided 100% if I am doing the race yet. If I do, I will not sign up for Vineman 70.3 and I can use the money I was planing on spend in room and board for that race on the entry fee for Alcatraz. But I am finding the  race fee almost insulting and I feel a bit stupid for being willing to pay that much for a race!

If I don’t do it there are many others that will happily take my spot. At what price will this sport just become too expensive? I guess it never will for some people.

*****Update******* 10/26/2015

I have decided that the cost was way to steep for the race and I will not be taking my spot. I just felt like it was too much money for a race that distance. I am not willing to pay for it.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! wow that race used to be on my bucket list (until I saw the price tag). play the powerball lottery and see if you can keep this winning streak alive. good luck with your decision

  2. Oh my!! That used to be in my bucket list, but not for that price. I would rather do an Ironman for that price. Good luck with your decision 😉

  3. I don’t usually shy away from steep fees for races I want to do (Ironman, Disney), but that is crazy for an Olympic. And, when I step away from the hype for a moment, I really don’t see what is so special about that race. You don’t step foot on Alcatraz. It is a glorified Olympic that has managed to build its reputation to a level that they have a lottery for a $750 entry fee. I had a hard time justifying that for an Ironman. If someone is offering a free room, you can justify deducting that from the entry fee. And, if it is a bucket list, then only you can make the call as to if it is worthwhile to you. I have certainly spent too much at time, but this seems over the top…

  4. holy smokes $700+ for a short tri (not a half or full distance). that is really really sad… maybe that is why I love small grassroots tris in my area or within 4 hours. plenty of them and the price is a fair price.

    I be interesting how the price effects your goals of the race and other items. congrats on getting selected but still wow for price point

    1. When you compare the total cost for this race and Vineman, Alcatraz is less and I have never done it. I have done Vineman 3 times. I am still unsure. I feel like a doofus for paying that much for a race this distance.

  5. I’ve been enjoying reading all the responses to your predicament! Seems like the majority say Nope! I’m in agreement with them, that money is absurd. Though, I do appreciate how you’re thinking about it and making a balanced decision.
    My other feeling towards that cost is that it seems like they’re tricking people “Enter our lottery and you GET to sign up! YOU’LL BE SO LUCKY” .. yet, I’ve seen quite a few people get selected. I wonder how many people didn’t get selected? I haven’t seen one post from anyone saying “Bummer, I didn’t get a slot”

    1. I knew it would be expensive but I didn’t expect that! And yes, not getting the slot would have eliminated the need to decide! I am having a hard time paying that much out of principle. I can find a way to justify it but should I?

  6. Here’s my feeling: it’s highway robbery. You’re really paying for the experience of swimming in the bay. Why don’t you take your friend up on his offer, and stay with him—and join one of the practice training groups that swim in the bay one day? That would be free…or minimal charge if they do charge for joining. Then you get the swim experience, and save $750 for Vineman or another race of your choice.

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