Garmin Race Predictor

You may not know this but if you have one of the newer Garmin devices that estimates your VO2Max you also have a race predictor. Apparently, it uses your VO2 Max with your gender and age to predict how you will do at different races. I am currently training for a marathon so I thought it might be interesting to see how accurate this function is. Below is what my crystal ball Garmin 920 is predicting as of today, September 15, 2015:


This is based off my estimated VO2 Max of 46. It will be interesting to see what I actually run in November. The watch has captured a lot of running data so you would think it could be pretty accurate. Do I think I can run 3:36 marathon right now? No. But it is nice to know my watch thinks I can!


  1. A friend and I have talked about this feature. For both of us it is extremely optimistic with the paces. Makes me wonder whether the prediction statistics are off or I just wimp out in races, but I’m not sure my workouts support the prediction it shows either. It predicts my 5K being 5 mins faster and my marathon nearly an hour.

  2. You can find race pace calculators online that will predict your time based on your PR at any distance. My numbers are very close to what is pictured (and is almost 100% accurate for the 1 mile, 5k, 10k, and HM…my full marathon time is not even remotely in the ballpark…predicted 3:40, actual 4:26…)

    1. My marathon PR is 4 years old now! And I haven’t run a marathon alone since then. I am just curious how close my Garmin can get based off an estimated VO2. I think I can get pretty close to 4:00 based on my last two Ironmen. I was almost thinking about bringing my bike to warm up!

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