Whole 30 so far…

I started the Whole 30 diet 11 days ago and I have to say, so far so good! The premise of the diet is to remove all possible food allergens and all added sugar from your diet. My goal with the diet was to try and reduce my sugar cravings and crappy food intake! That is happening perfectly! I never knew I get so excited to eat a date bar, fresh fig, or banana!

The diet has also forced me to embrace cooking almost everything; but I am loving it. Things I have cooked/prepared from the book so far:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Clarified butter (lots of it)
  • Ketchup
  • Stuffed roasted peppers
  • Shepherds Pie

My breakfast staple has been scrambled eggs with green chilies and avocado.

I have accepted coffee with full fat coconut cream (I actually like it!).

Only thing I find hard is drinking enough fluids. I am kind of tired of water and you don’t have too many other options (in my opinion).

I did figure out that quality no-sugar added grape juice mixed with coconut water makes a good electrolyte drink for running/cycling.

Dessert is a frozen banana blended with some coconut cream and coconut milk…YUMMY!

We have broken one rule and that is we have been weighing ourselves. Stuart is down 5-6 pounds and I am down about 3!

I will share some recipes later but you really should get the book. It is fantastic!


  1. Are the kids doing it as well? We do mostly clean eating in our house, including sending the kids’ lunches. I still have the sugar cravings or junk cravings though sometimes so am interested to see what you think of it by the end.

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