Ironman Boulder 2015 Race Report – Gratitude

I have already posted my race report here but because these report tend to get so long I like to do a couple addendums. I spoke if the first report about meeting Siri Lindley and how she spoke about believing in yourself and having gratitude. This post is about the later. I am incredibly thankful to many people in my life for helping me get to and get through race day. I truly don’t think I would be doing this if it was for these people. No particular order.

My Family

They adjust their lives while I am training for a race and I am very grateful for their understanding. My mom helps with the kids and cooks my family dinners every week to lighten my load. My kids have to put themselves to bed some night because I am stuck on the trainer until after their bed times Or the best they get out of me is a goodnight is a sweaty kiss when I tuck them in. There are days on the weekend I am training for 3-7 hours and I am not home to hang with them. I do my best to include them in my training but honestly that is really difficult.

My Sponsors

I have been extremely lucky to have been chosen as a Coeur Sports Ambassador for 2015. They make AMAZING women’s clothing for triathlon, cycling and running. Not to mention adorable t-shirts and hats. I truly think their triathlon shorts are second to none. This was evidenced by the number of women on the Boulder course wearing Coeur kit.  Tons of ladies! Their support has been incredible. I hope they get to see me make it to Kona some day!

Because of my affiliation with Coeur I get support from other companies as well. Specifically I have been been using a lot of Roka products. I love their goggles (the F2’s are my favorites), my sleeveless Maverick Pro wetsuit, and my Viper Elite Swim Skin. They have amazing customer support and makes a solid set of gear.

SBR sports who makes TRI Swim, TRI Slide, Dermasport, and Foggies, have been an amazing sponsor for the last two years. Not only have they kept my hair from turning green and my body smelling like chlorine, but they allow me to see clearly in the pool, avoid chafing in my wetsuit, and have well taken care or skin.

Petal Power is a cream that I use to help keep all my lady bits happy when I spend lots of time on the bike. It can get a bit unhappy down there when you spend hours and hours on your bike. The Joy Ride system combined with the awesome seam free chamois of my Coeur shorts gave me “Peace of Ass” through all my training.

My Triathlon Family

I have amassed a collection of friends over the last few years that have provided me with a constant source of cheering as well as an understanding of why I do this. My family loves me unconditionally but they don’t always understand why I would want to work out for 12-16 hours a week. These people do. They are located all over the world and when we get the chance to meet in person it is like we have always been friends. I am so grateful for these people!

My Coach

Jen from Team One 10 has done an amazing job again. She coached me through Arizona last year and based on the amazing success of that race, that was what lead me to sign up for Boulder and use her coaching again. She does an awesome job structuring a plan that has me constantly improving and feeling like I can make it to Kona. I was already planing the next 15 months with her on my drive home from Boulder. I wouldn’t dream for training for an Ironman without her!


He is my biggest cheerleader. He is my biggest supporter. He is my best friend. He will do everything in his power to help me reach my goals. I wake up everyday and feel lucky that he is in my life. #T3W

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