Ironman Boulder Race Day Tracking Details

Only two more sleeps until race day!!!

For those of you that would like to virtually track me here are the details:

  • I will be wearing a MyAthlete GPS tracking device for the bike and run. You can download the app here,  or you can visit the website. On the website you should see Ironman Boulder and when you lick through you will see a list of names. Look for Rebecca Neumeier, #480. you will not see anything there until the day of the race most likely!
  • On race day you can also use the Ironman website, bib #480,to see my splits for the race. This site can slow down as the day wears on so just because you may not see any updates for a while it doesn’t mean I have stopped. A lot of people will be looking at this site so it can get very slow. From this site you can also watch live video streams of the a few of the busy sections (swim exit, bike exit, run exit) but most importantly you can watch the finish line camera.
  • And if you follow me or my hubby on social media you can expect to see updates there as well.

If you are coming to the race the best place to watch will be the run course for sure. Take a moment to read the information for spectators from the event website. There is a lot of good information in there.If I see you on course don’t be surprised if I don’t stop to talk or hug. If things are going well, slowing down or stopping really breaks my concentration.

Estimates of my times can be found here, and I should be starting the race around 6:45 AM. If all goes well, I will finish around 7:00 PM in Boulder in the daylight!!

Below is a picture of what I will be wearing on race day.

Jaun-1836Only difference should be a pink visor and BRIGHT PINK shoes.

I hope you all know how much your cheering, in person or virtually, helps me through the day. I think about you all day long.


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