Orange County Olympic Triathlon 2015 Race Report

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.57.12 AM

Garmin Splits

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.54.00 AM

Official Results

For those of you that just want the numbers, see above or click here for the Garmin data. If you want more detail keep reading. I did this race for the first time 4 years ago when I was just getting into Triathlon. You can read about that race here. I had a very good race in 2011 so I had high hopes of a good race this time. I was really hoping I could go sub 2:40 for the race and make it on the podium. This was also a special race for me because it was my first triathlon as a Coeur Sports ambassador. I finally got to wear my super amazing team kit!

The swim is in a really nice little lake that isn’t very cold so I was very excited to use my new Roka Maverick Pro Sleeveless suit and my new F1 goggles. Why did it take me so long to find Roka??? Suit and goggles were perfect! I lined up to the left but up front. Race started and I was off. I had a great swim. Clear water pretty much the whole way around. I like to swim a little wide and avoid people. I think it saves me time in the long run.

Bill-0439DSC_0120DSC_0141IMG_0409_2I hopped out of the water (second in my AG thanks to Stuart counting caps for me) and ran to my bike. I wasted a little too much time in transition with my hair. I like my hair one way under my cap but I have to place the pony tail lower on my head to fit my helmet. I need to work on this! I got on my bike and started riding. This is always the tough part for me. I am just not as strong as I would like to be on the bike. I rode as well as I could. I am still a little nervous on  my bike and that keeps me from pushing it in a few places. I tried to keep track of how many women in my AG passed me. By the time I was done with the run I figured I was in 5-6 place.

I was a bit quicker through T2 and vowed to hammer it on the run! My newest favorite transition trick is to bring a small cool box to my spot. It works great for keeping any hydration you want for the run but it also makes the best seat to use to change your shoes!

The run is a challenge. The first three miles are downhill which is great! I was flying. But then you go off road and do some climbing. I knew what to expect and I was hoping it would work in my favor and I could catch a few ladies on the run. I did have a good run but not good enough to catch any other women in my AG.

Jaun-1836IMG_0410_2At the finish I did come in under 2:40 which had been my goal. I know I could have a faster T1 and there is always room for improvement on the bike for me. All in all I was happy but a little bummed for not making it onto the podium. I was 6th in my AG but since the female overall winner was in my AG they had me posted as 5th. Wisely, a friend reminded me that I am not raining for this distance so I shouldn’t take this result too badly.

Thanks again to my Sherpa Extraordinaire Stuart! You made my day and you make everyday for me!



  1. great job with this tri… i notice your HRM stop on the run for some reason. i am guessing your battery died. very nice bike splits! the more tri’s you do the faster you be at your transitions. for short distance tri’s that makes a big difference compare to 70.3 or greater.

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