May Have To Try Again

I did do it once before…qualify for Boston that is. I ran a 3:34 in Portland in 2011. It was awesome! I was so excited! I did something I never thought I could do! By the time the race came around my body wasn’t up to it and I was unable to train for it. I opted to skip it. I didn’t want to spend all that money and time for a not-so-great race. Guess it was a good race to miss (yes, I would have been at the race in 2013).

Since then I haven’t felt the draw of the race anymore. Until Monday… I have to admit the seed has been planted to try and get to Boston again. I have aged up (only good thing about turning 40 so far) so I have an extra 5 minutes! The real decision for this effort will come after Ironman Boulder this summer. But I would be lying if I said I hadn’t picked a race to try it at 🙂


  1. Ha! I love it when goals nag at you!
    I’ve never had the desire to qualify for Boston, but will cheer you on hard while you train for it!

  2. I qualified in 2008 and ran Boston in 2010. When I crossed the Boston finish line, I was so happy and thought to myself, “I’m so glad I’ve reached my goal, since I’ll never get here again.” Monday lit a fire under me as well. I may have to try hard to qualify and race Boston again 😉

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