Week 2 of 18 Ironman Boulder Training – Spring Break!

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.45.23 AMThis week was a little out of the ordinary because my kids were on spring break so I was able to shift my schedule around a little to allow a run with Stuart on Sunday. Sunday was our 1 year wedding celebration anniversary so what better way to celebrate then to run on the first trail we ever ran together 4 years ago!

My most memorable workout of the week was a run I did that was a track style pyramid. I don’t have access to a track so I program workouts in to my Garmin by using the workout creator in Garmin Connect. Garmin has done a lot of work lately to upgrade Garmin Connect including the workout functionality. It is really easy to use and is so helpful when you don’t have a track!.Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.46.19 PMThis is what the workout looks like when you make it in Garmin Connect. Then all you have to do is send it to the device of your choice and you are good to go. The run pretty much kicked my butt and the 1600 and 2000 were pretty ugly. But that is what makes you faster and stronger in the long run. Pushing it when you have nothing left!

I did my long ride on Saturday and chose to do a loop that takes me through several different valleys. I worked again to try and eat as much real food as I could. I baked sweet potato wedges hoping that they would hold together better then the last time I tried. They were super tasty but pretty messy by the end of my ride.IMG_5949IMG_5955The food wrapped in foil are Skratch Lab cookies made by Stuart. The Cliff Shots were for an emergency. Ride was going well enough until I ended up in Calabasas. Bad idea on a Saturday. There was a farmer’s market and a LOT of cars. Traffic was terrible and I almost got hit when someone turned right RIGHT in front of me. AACK!!! I skidded to a stop and avoided crashing. Once I stopped shaking I got back on my bike and made my way home. I won’t ride this route again!

Sunday I took my long run to the trails so I could hang with Stuart. I was pooped at this point and didn’t have the most stellar of long runs. Just barely got it done. I finished with a fun hour on my mountain bike while Stuart kept running and that was the week!

IMG_5986Of course there is always time for silly selfies in the pool!IMG_5947Step back week is coming up which is great since Stuart has his big 50 mile Leona Divide race on Saturday. I get to play Sherpa again! YAY!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I love the look of that run. I may definitely have to try it out. Thankfully we have a few tracks that I can do this on, so I won’t have to program my Garmin for it 😉

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