Week 1 of 18 Ironman Boulder Training – Let’s get this party started!

I managed to get the pool all to myself...for about 5 minutes

I managed to get the pool all to myself…for about 5 minutes

Well, I am officially in training mode for Ironman Boulder. I don’t like to call it Ironman training until I am 16-18 weeks out otherwise it feel like it goes on forever! This week felt like a good week to start because it is the beginning of a build cycle. I am working with my fabulous coach Jen again. There is a definite shift in my training. My rest days have become optional and I am seeing more optional ride show up in my schedule. I am trying to do ALL of the prescribed workouts and as many of the optional as time allows. This week I did everything on my plan so I was happy! A few new things for this try at Ironman. I really want to work on my strength. I bought a TRX system for home and my coach gives me strength workouts to that. One week in and I am getting the hang (no pun intended) of it.

Saturday night means cooking for Sunday!

Saturday night means cooking for Sunday!

I am working to eat all real food, especially on the bike. That means no Gu or Chomps. Just stuff we can make in our kitchen. Stuart is a Skratch Labs #tasteagent so we have be experimenting from their cookbooks. That is proving really successful. Not to mention I have developed a love of boiled potatoes on the bike! Keeping it simple! I am also trying to shed a little weight for this next Ironman. That isn’t going very well so far. I need to get back on my scale and start logging my food again. My favorite workout of the week  was running. After warming up I did Fartlek ladders. The main set was to Fartlek for 1, 3, 5 min with 1 minutes rest in between each effort, three times through. It made for a tough run but an enjoyable workout! In addition to all of Stuart’s fab cooking I made a little something special for my kids (and us too).

The reason I am not losing any weight yet.

The reason I am not losing any weight yet.

For my long ride followed by a quick run, I talked my kids (more like gave them no choice) into riding their bikes with me while I ran. I like to think I am practicing for the day I turn Pro! IMG_5930So my totals for the week look like this: Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.20.47 PM These numbers are a little off since this is Monday – Sunday and my training weeks are actually Tuesday-Monday for scheduling purposes. As always I have been enjoying my Coeur kit  as evidenced my my drying rack on Saturday night! IMG_5882


    1. Nice recap of the week! I’m sponsored by Hammer so I use Perpetreum and I love my happy juice-water with FIZZ electrolytes but would like to try to eat solids on the bike! But the shipping and handling so to speak! How do you pack your meals for long rides?! Also potatoes are my pre-ride meal mixed with vegan protein so I love them.

      1. The bento box on my bike is pretty big and that with the pockets on my tri-top will hold all I need for 3-4 hours. More than that I try to set up a refueling location. Just like during a race! I am lucky that I prefer water and s-caps for hydration and electrolytes so that is pretty easy for me.

  1. That takes so much more dedication to eat real food on the bike! But probably a bit cheaper? I remember getting really annoyed at spending $20+ every week on Gu/Nuun/Bloks for my long run and ride.
    I’m with you on not really calling it training until 18 weeks out. Last year it seemed like everyone I knew doing IMWI started training in January, and I didn’t really dig in until May.

  2. Awesome week and a great way to get this party started!! The weekly totals don’t look like it is from TrainingPeaks. What do you use to keep track of your workouts? I like the whole foods idea. I am definitely going to have to try the salted potatoes 😉 I know I like Goldfish and Chex Mix on the ride, so I’ll have to keep experimenting with more whole food options.

  3. I swear maltodextrin could be used as bowel prep for colonoscopy’s. Stuff is hard on the gut, esp the next day. I’ll be interested to watch how you manage this process and take away some pointers!!

  4. I’m really interested in the TRX stuff as well as the real foods. I’ve noticed feeling more and more hungry during workouts even when I feel like I’m fueling the way I should. The boiled potato sounds really intriguing!

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