This Guy

This Guy!

This Guy!

Excuse me while I gush for a moment. This weekend I had the privilege to spend the day “Sherpaing” for my husband Stuart. For the last year plus, Stuart has usually been the one keeping tabs on my race day. But on Saturday, it was his race, and it was a doozy! The race was the Nine Trails in Santa Barbara. It was a 35 mile trail race with 11,000+ ft of gain. The trails were tricky and the day was hot, but Stuart did an amazing job!

This guy inspires me to be a better me everyday. And this race was no exception. It was brutal out there; but he just kept moving forward. I was so proud of him and I felt so lucky to be able to support him! I love him with all my heart and I feel lucky everyday to wake up next to him!


Stuart taking an oath not to do anything stupid!


Making his way to the first aid station, 9 miles in.


On his way to the finish.




  1. SUPER UBBER IMPRESSIVE!! I’m struggling with wrapping my mind around 35 miles without 11,000 feet of gain in elevation. You, Sir Stuart, are a ROCKSTAR!! Congratulations!!

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