There is NO other option

10922782_10205323574843281_1293002124228586227_nMorning workouts are a drag. It can be helped by having someone to meet or a class to attend; but when it is just you and your plan, the failure rate increases. This morning as I lay in bed for 2 minutes after my alarm went off at 4:30, I realized the best argument that I can’t win against. There is no other option. When there is no other option to get your work out done you have no choice but  to get up and get it done. This is easy to accept for me with the pool. There are limited times to get in the pool so I can’t miss those opportunities. But I find it easier to talk myself out of the mornings for biking and running because I think I can get them done at night. Then I have kids to manage at night so that means I am sometimes working out until 9-10 PM.

So now my mantra is, “There is NO other option”. Once you accept that, getting going is much easier.

A few other tricks I have found that help get it done in the morning:

  • Lay out all your kit the night before
  • Prep your bike the night before (put it on the trainer, cue up your viewing on Netflix, or load up the Sufferfest Video you are going to do)
  • Prep your work stuff the night before
  • Pack your car with your swim gear and work clothes if necessary
  • Pre-make the kids lunches
  • Tell your significant other to kick you out of bed when the alarm goes off


  1. I used to be able to workout in the mornings, but then life changed. I agree though, you have to have the outlook of “there’s no other option” & it helps a lot.

  2. I had a couple mornings this week where I convinced myself laying in bed after the alarm that I would get the workout in at night, then it didn’t happen by the time kid activities and homework were done. I finally got Tuesday’s workout in on Thursday morning….oops!

      1. I used to do that when i was swimming in College and we had a 4:30 am practice… as our pool was under repairs..

        for me i get up fine but i need to push somehow. i write a sticky note in my bathroom with a note saying you got this with the race i am aiming at. that helps me.

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