Coeur Sports T-Shirt Review


As you may know by now I have been chosen to be a Coeur Sports ambassador this year. There really aren’t words to express how happy this makes me. I LOVE their products. Their Tri kit is second to none (and I have worn quite a few). I love their running shorts as well (review to come). But what I wanted to write about today are their t-shirts. The have the cutest line of extremely flattering and comfortable t-shirts. I am beginning to amass quite a collection!

I love a few things about them. First, the fit. They have a great neck line, perfect sleeve length , and they are long enough and cut properly that they hit your middle just right (I am wearing a medium). They are NOT the American Apparel standard t-shirt that shrinks so much that after two washes you need to give it to a 12 year old girl. They are feminine and perfect! Second, the prints and colors. They are bright, funny, and cheerful t-shirts. I am always getting compliments on them. And lastly the price. Not one of the shirts is more than $25. Pretty fair in this market.

If you have a special woman in your life you should totally surprise her with a cute Coeur Sports t-shirt! There are a couple that would make  great Valentine’s Day Gifts! #justsayin



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