Change of Plans

I have been struggling lately with the trail running. It has been much harder than I expected but I am still committed to completing some of the events I had planned for 2015. I am still on doing two 50Ks, the 50 miler, and the Rim-to-Rim-to Rim crossing. The big race that is falling off my schedule is the TransRockies Run. This event looks absolutely amazing and my roommate from college even helps run the event. But once we really looked at the cost of it, we had to make the adult decision and not signup. We have too many other things at home that need looking after right now to do this race at this time. We have every intention of trying to get out for this race one day. It just won’t be this summer.

So where does that leave my 2015 year? I am not really sure right now. I need something to work for after May. I am still so incredibly motivated by my success a Ironman Arizona that I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to do another 140.6 distance event. But committing to that event impacts everybody in my family. There are a lot of scenarios going through my head right now. Once I figure it out, this will be the first place it is made public!

One comment

  1. Trail running is so different from road running you almost have to think of it as a different sport. When I first started, I would practically be in tears from the paces I was struggling with that were minutes slower than anything I had done on the road.
    Now, a few years in, I’m still not faster, but I love it so much. Be patient and be kind to yourself – the trails are totally worth the work!

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