Trail Running Adventures


Stuart and I headed for the trails on Sunday (as usual) and had another adventure (as usual). We are NOT very good about getting up and out early but we are getting better about prepping the night before and at least having a plan! We parked our car at both ends of a local trail that runs about 6-7 miles long. We stocked both cars with food so we could refuel on either side of the run. We had 22 miles total to run so we knew we would need to tack on a little extra somewhere.

We tried to eat more “real” food and less processed endurance items (gels/Gus/chews). We had PB&J on brioche bread (OMG so yummy), boiled salted potatoes with salt for dipping, and oranges for me. This approach worked great! We got all the food down easily and felt pretty good with it! The only thing I noticed was a little lack of energy that I think was due to the fact that I didn’t have any caffeine while running. I may stash some Mexican Coke (made with sugar, not corn syrup) in the car next time to fill this need.


We tried some unknown trails but thanks to maps on phones we were able to easily see where we were going and that we should get where we wanted. We never saw a Private Property signs nor No Trespassing signs so I am pretty sure we weren’t any place we shouldn’t have been. But, we decided that we would pretend to know where we were going unless we were questioned. And in that case we would pretend we were total lost! Luckily we got out right where we thought we would! (Click here for the Garmin details)


The part of the adventure that wasn’t so much fun was all the self-doubt I started having. I am a very positive person. But my last couple runs have been really hard. Of my 5 runs a week, usually only 2 of them go well. I am wondering if maybe I bit off a little more than I can chew this year. After spending 6 weeks running like this I can say that Ironman training was easier than ultra running training!


  1. I’ve been strongly thinking of doing an ultra trail run after Ironman in October…if ultra trail running is harder to train for, I may have to reconsider and not do it 2 months post Ironman. Based on your experiences, what would you recommend?

    1. Don’t get me wrong. The running is beautiful! But is is harder than any Ironman Training I have done! But if you are looking for a change of pace and focus there is NOOOO much trail running out there. Just be ready for it to be hard! There is value in that!

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