Me an Utrarunner?

My training focus has changed drastically now that I am stepping back from triathlon this year. The major goal is my first 50 mile run followed by a few other epic adventures. I have pretty much just been running. And most of the running has been on the trails.

It isn’t going as well as I would like. I am covering the distance but I feel like every other run goes well. I have had MANY long runs where I just feel totally spent. Running is hard!

To jump start things a little bit more I have added a 50K to my schedule in just under 3 weeks! It won’t be fast or pretty, but I will get it done!


  1. That 50K course elevation looks harder than the 50-miler! Awesome! Ultra running is hard, and you’re so used to kicking ass that it’ll be tough for you to slow down. When I go long, I just remind myself to enjoy the buffet.

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