#IMAZ – 4 sleeps to go


Packing hell…That is what I am in. I hate packing for trips because I have no idea what I want to wear three days from now! I was hoping to work from home tomorrow so I could pack at my leisure but I have to go in so now I have to figure it all out.  #everydaystruggles

You may have read on my blog that I am a Vanderkitten VIP. I was very lucky to be chosen to be a VIP this year. The AMAZING group of ladies really kickstarted my year off right with lots of motivation to kick ass! Once I made it through Vineman I got  super focused on Ironman Arizona and kind of drifted away from the group over the the Ironaman Arizona Facebook group. Tonight one of the kittens reached out and asked me to join them in Temp for a ride. I wish I could have been more involved in the group but my schedule just made it impossible. I can’t wait to see the kittens out there cheering on race day and they really got me started on what has been a fabulous year! They are an amazing professional organization and outstanding group of VIPs!

Now, for the picture above. I am sure I will be a couple of those Dwarves on race day, but I have thought of a couple others. I will also be





and definitely Weepy!


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