#IMAZ – 5 sleeps to go


I was very lucky to get today off. The days I have doubles (even though it was only 90 minutes of total exercise) are really hard with work and kids. It was a very relaxing day and being able to easily get my two workouts in was excellent. I have started accumulating stuff for the race. I won’t really pack until Thursday when we leave; but I am setting out the things I need and making lists in my head. I took my bike into the shop today for one last checkup. I found a goathead stuck in my tire on Sunday and when I pulled it out I flatted. I ride tubeless so this was a bummer. But after everything it has turned out to be a good thing. I finally got to try a can of fix flat on my tubeless tire! We used the can, spun the wheel, eventually inflated it to full pressure, and watched what happened. It held the tire pressure!!! This makes me feel much better about what would happen if I get a flat on Sunday (which I won’t just to be clear). Even though the fix flat did the trick I bought a new tire and they are replacing it for me right now!

Oh, and I got a super cute new hat!


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