Bike Crash Blues

It has been 4 days since I crashed my bike. I was very lucky that the results weren’t worse. I didn’t break anything, my bike has some scratches on the shifters, and my helmet needs to be replaced (happy it did its job). The worst of the damage to me is a very sore hand and shoulder and a moderately sore hip. The biggest problem is the crash has left me in a bit of a funk. I was struggling to find the motivation to get into my Ironman training before the crash. The week of the crash I was finally getting excited to get this training done. Then I crashed. I haven’t been able to do anything this week. I am hoping to get I a small run and bike (on my trainer, I can’t ride outside yet) this weekend. I have a feeling it will be another week until I can get in the pool. I want the road rash to heal a bit more before I start swimming again.

Before the crash I felt good, strong, skinny, and fit. Now I just feel blah. I am sure in another week I will feel better but right now I have the bike crash blues; and I can’t seem to shake them.

Pity party over; thanks for reading!


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