Vineman 70.3 2014 Race Goals


I am going back to Vineman 70.3 this upcoming weekend. I had my best ever 70.3 race there in 2011 and it would be really nice to come close to that time again. My times in 2011 were as follows:

Swim 0:31:37

Bike 3:03:05

Run 1:51:10 (8:30/mile pace)

Total time with transitions – 5:32:25


I would really like to say I think I will go faster this year but I am not sure I can. Below are my goals for this year:

Swim < 0:31

Bike < 3:00

Run < 1:58 (9:00/mile pace)


If the heat stays away I think these are reasonable goals. Hopefully, like 2011, I will shock myself on the run and pull off another 1:51 (8:30/mile pace) but I am trying to set realistic goals. I have been training hard for this race but you don’t always know how it will come together race day.

The biggest motivator (as always) will be Stuart. He starts two waves after me, 12 minutes later. It is reasonable to assume I will swim 15 minutes faster then him (even though he has been tearing it up in the pool lately!). That gets me on the bike with a 25ish min headstart. I would have to have a mechanical in order for him to catch me on the bike so it will come down to the run. Will he be able to chase me down? With the way the course is laid out and the timing of it all I won’t see him coming until he swats me on the butt as he passes!

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