Confessions of a Coached Athlete – Running to Heart Rate

OK, I feel a trend of posts coming now that I am using a coach.  I made the decision back in January to work with Jen M. from One 10 Performance and Nutrition and I couldn’t be happier with it!  I have really enjoyed not having to figure out what to do everyday and the variety and challenges she presents me with are really working.  I have seen gains in all three sports and I am excited to see what happen at Ironman Arizona in November.


HR data from run. Spot on!

Last night I had to run to a specific heart rate for two 15 minute segments.  I was to run just below threshold and see how far I could run.  It was so much fun! It was nice not to be focused on distance or pace but just my hear rate.   I found that actually made the running easier.  I have been doing the same on the bike and what amazes me  that even though I am holding back on my HR (trying not to go anaerobic) I am still PRing on Strava segments!  Just more proof the training is working.




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