Chesebro Half Trail Marathon 2014 Race Report

photo 1

I hear about this race every year but this year I finally signed up for it.  It is run on a local trail that is actually where I had my trail running debut in 2011. I decided to do this race a long time ago and signed up nice and early.  I like to put my money down early so that I feel committed to a race.  My training was pretty consistent and I got out to the actual trail whenever I could. I thought that a 10:00 min/mile pace was a good goal which put me finished in about 2:20.  I got to the race around 6:00 AM for a 7:00 AM start because I needed to pick up my race number. I headedup tot he start and waited with all the others

photo 2

After a couple sportive messages from my husband and coach the gun went off and down we went.  I chose not to run with music for this race.  I won’t be able to run with music at Ironman Arizona so I figured I better start practicing.  Also, recently I have found the music to be distracting.  I really wanted to pay attention to how I was feeling and be aware of people passing me on the trail.


Me in pink in the middle. On our way into Chesebro Canyon

I switched the screen on my Garmin 910 so that all I could see was my HR zone and the current lap time and distance.  I worked very hard to pace evenly and  not go out to fast .  I knew what the climbing was like and I didn’t want to walk it.  I felt great and just kept chugging.  Around 60 minutes in and at a very steep point in the trail I had to walk so I used that opportunity to have a Salted Caramel GU. No problems at all.  Once we reached the top I flew (relatively) down the hill.  I really wanted to take advantage of the downhill section.  After one last little up and out we were back on the streets and cruising down back to the start. I did all I could to pass as many people as I could and even had one little burst at the very end to keep from getting passed in the finishing shoot.  I stopped my watched and was so excited to see the time. 2:03 and change!

photo 3I did so much better than I expected!  This race was a real ego boost after having a couple years of not-so-great running.  I beat what I thought I could do by a good 15 minutes and felt completely in control of the whole entire race from start to finish.  I also did it with a lower average HR than usual (175). Garmin data here.

First race of the year….Tick!


Here is a video someone took during the race.  I saw this guy pass me a couple times. I don’t know him but it shows the course pretty well.

(Also, I have no sound on the machine I am writing this on so I haven’t listened to the audio.  If he is crazy talking, let me know and I will remove the video)


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