Bibs are for ladies too!

photo 1

So I have always though that cycling bibs were kind of funny looking.  I mean, they are Lycra overalls for goodness sake! My husband wears them all the time but it wasn’t until recently that I got a pair for myself. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!!!  Pure riding bliss!!! There was no muffin top popping out between my top and bottoms.  Everything stays in place while you are riding. They are amazingly comfortable!  Now the pair I have is from the VIP Store at Vanderkitten Racing.  You can’t all buy the pair I have because you have to be a Vandekitten VIP.  But you can order any of their other totally amazing stuff and you can get the same kind of bibs I did! The quality is amazing, the fit is fantastic, and the team is an awesome one to support.  Go check them out!

photo 2

photo 3

This is the first real fancy/matchey kit I have ever owned.  All my other kit is stored in plastic drawers in my closet.  This one gets hung up 🙂


  1. I received my 1st pair of bibs last year and will never go back to regular shorts. So much more comfortable and flattering. Tough when nature calls and you’re forced to use a porta-john on an organized ride, (TMI?), but otherwise perfect. And yes, the VK VIP kit rules!

  2. Ok, so I had to exchange my shorts and since they were VIP there weren’t many options. But….they had bibs in the size I wanted so now I
    Super excited!! I have never worn them either so I’m looking forward to trying them!!

  3. I never was a fan of bibs (I pee a lot before races), but when my team’s fit kit came in and I tried them, I was hooked! I agree with the muffin top thing! Can’t wait to not have my stomach overflowing my shorts, haha! Pactimo stuff is pretty nice, I use their shorts for when I’m not in my kit.

  4. I still don’t own a pair of bibs, but for the longest time I thought they were only for men. My husband laughed a LONG time when I admitted that thought. Honest question time though; is it weird to buy a kit for a company you aren’t sponsored by/an ambassador for?

    1. I kind of am an ambassador for Vanderkitten because I was chosen as a Vanderkitten VIP for 2014. I think wearing a kit for a company that doesn’t sponsor you is like wearing a t-shirt for a band you like. It just shows who you support or what products you use. My Husband wears a Hammer Nutrition kit (as do I) because we like their products and the kit is affordable and comfortable!

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