Workout Where You Work!

(I hope you sang that to yourself to the tune of ‘Whistle While You Work”)

I am settling into a training plan while I begin the almost year long journey to Ironman Arizona in November.  Now that I have a coach I really want to do my best to stick to the plan that is given to me (duh Becca!). This means I need to get creative about training opportunities = work out at lunch!  I work a pretty regular 8-5 kind of job which is about 30 minutes from where I live.  In order to work it all in I HAVE to make use of my lunches.  So, this means I have to pack lunch for myself (or let my wonderful husband pack one for me), eat and my desk,  and the find a place near by to workout.

Recently I asked one of the local Tri club where I could swim.  They turned me onto a local aquatic center with good hours, fair prices, and tons of lanes!  I have had to share a lane a few times but I have never had to wait to swim.  It is great!  Then I noticed that there seems to be a path around the center as well.  Turns out it is 1. 36 miles long!  Perfect!  I also have found a local park near by to get in some trail running and I often end up at the beach for some great running miles as well.


If I can get a bike set up in my office I will be totally set!


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