HELP!!! I need a plan!

I am currently working on getting my base mileage back up and I need help.  I plan to run the Los Angeles Marathon in March and I need a training plan.  I am currently running very little and I don’t think I will be able to handle the FIRST plan for this marathon.  I only want to run 3 times a week (maybe 4) and I will cross train on the bike (and maybe swim).  Goal marathon time is 4 hours.  Suggestions?


  1. I’ve really enjoyed following a plan from runners world smart coach for this round after doing FIRST in the spring. Pretty customizable. Just plug in your latest times, how many days, and how many miles. I’m doing 4 a week – easy, speed (only 1600s) or tempo, easy and long.

  2. Hi Becca,

    Starting next week you will be 22 weeks out from the LA marathon, which leaves plenty of time to prep for the day. I suggest taking the first 4 weeks and run 3-4 days a week between 3-6 miles, maxing out at 6 miles. Then see how you feel once you are 18 weeks out, the start of November, from there I think you design a plan that accounts for your running base, and what your schedule will allow with the bike mixed in, along with life of course. Considering your injuries in the past, I would steer clear of any speed work until maybe 12 weeks out, but I still prefer hills over track work any day. I am planning on running LA too, it should be a fun one:) I hope my input helps, good luck with whatever path you choose.


  3. I know there are apps out there that you can choose how many days you want to run & help you train for a 13.1 or 26.2; however, I’m unsure of the name of the apps. I have usually followed Hal Higdon’s training plans.

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