Tiki Swim 3 – Race Report

The idea of this swim came up easily 9 months ago.  Several of my close online friends (Ted, Leo. Leah, and Sugarmagnolia) wanted to do this swim and it sounded like a great idea.  After the Tour De Big Bear, I changed my focus to the pool for 8 weeks to prepare.  I was lucky enough to get another good online friend to coach me for the race.  I followed his workouts pretty well and saw great improvements in my swimming.

My goal for race day was to swim 1:10 or faster for the 2.4 miles.  All five of us suited up and got ready to swim.  The waves weren’t to big and in no time we were off and swimming.  Water temperature was perfect! I settled into a pace and just worked on swimming consistently.  It wasn’t until I turned into the harbor around 3500 yards that I started to tire a little.  The training had worked perfectly!

I did my best to push the last bit and made it out in 1:11:56 by their clock.  Not the 1:10 that I was aiming for but with the surf and currents I know I did the best I could.  Funniest thing that happened was I had a little bit of sea water in my goggle once the swim started but I was too stubborn to stop and clear it out.  By the time I was done my eye was super swollen!  It didn’t really hurt but it looked pretty funny!

I plan to do this swim next year for sure as I prep for Ironman Arizona in2014.  We were lucky to have Quadrathon along to take pictures for us.

Click here for the Garmin details.

Next up…getting my running back…Stay Tuned!


  1. Well done Becca, I’m sure that if you hadn’t had a cold in the days leading up to the event that you would shaved off a few more seconds… You did well on the training plan, there were some definite pace and economy improvements in a short period of time…. Hope it carries over into the IM training 🙂

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