Ironman Wisconsin 2013

Well done Steena!

Finding my happy pace

I spent all summer reading people’s Ironman recaps, looking for tips, advice, what to expect,… anything.  The recaps tone ranged from disappointed to just another day, to they felt super spectacular all day. The super spectacular people were liars I thought. But then I found myself on mile 16 of the run smiling, running with pep in my step, feeling like one of those so-called liars.

Sunday morning started with some last minute changes to my transition bags, and some bike preparations. As I was making my way around the Monona Terrace I kept hearing my name “Hey! Steena! Good luck Steena!” It was a blur of familiar faces. My favorite good luck came from Jackie Arendt, who by the way WON, first female finisher.  She patted me on the shoulder and told me good luck. I thought, “a professional just thwapped my shoulder, she totally left some…

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